Sunday, June 19, 2011

Still More From the Beach

Lots more pictures from our trip, which has sadly come to an end.
We started this tradition last year and, if we can keep it up, it should be fun to see Evan's footprints grow each year:On Thursday, we decided to head on over to Jockey Ridge State Park, which is a park with enormous sand dunes. Evan was more than happy to have his dad do all of the work with the hike up:Keira & Wyatt had a blast mountain climbing up these dunes:The group (minus me) at the top. It was great that we could get more than half of the house out to this fun park:

Just sitting on the deck at night - Evan loved seeing the planes go by that dragged the signs behind them.
I really like this one of me and Evan:
We took an evening walk with 4 of the kids on Friday night. Keira & Wyatt certainly make a cute couple:

Family photo on the beach:
One on the stairs:And our attempt to get a picture of all of the kids at once. Our friends Dan & Lindsay made OBX shirts with Frisbee players on them, with a caption of "2035 Nationals Champs". This team right here would meet the requirements for a co-ed team (4 guys, 3 girls) and very well may have it in their genes to win Nationals :)
Another one of the group - nearly impossible. If only we had a video tape of the parents as we tried to get this shot. We were dripping with sweat by the end.
There may be a few more pictures to post in the coming days. I just couldn't stop snapping away as we were all having such a fun time together. Back to work tomorrow . . .

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