Tuesday, December 13, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tradition has always been to have 2 Christmas trees - a fake one in the living room and a real one in the tv room. However, when we took out our fake tree this year, it didn't work anymore. So we decided to invest this year's tree money into a 9-foot tall fake tree for our living room. We are foregoing the real tree for this year only as it seemed that it might be easier to keep Evan away from one of the trees if it wasn't in the room we spend all of our time in. So our new 9-foot tree looks great in the living room. Here it is all decorated:There is a mixture of all kinds of ornaments on our tree - new and old. Brian takes great pride in his tree and especially loves all of his glass ornaments:This is an ornament taken from my tree growing up. When my parents didn't have much to hang on their tree, they took my old mobile and made ornaments out of the mobile parts. This one hangs in the back of the tree according to Brian's "law" but it's still a special one:

We have ornaments from all sorts of milestones. First below is our first Christmas after we got married:
And of course our first Christmas with Evan. Since we got these ornaments as gifts last year, they had not hung on the tree yet. When we unpacked them all, we realized we have SIX "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments. I'm hoping Baby #2 ends up with at least one :)We also collect onraments whenever we go away, that way we can chat about old trips when we decorate our tree. Here is one from our honeymoon:

And there are tons of these icicles on our tree (thanks to Brian's family for providing). This year, all of the icicles are towards the top for obvious reasons.
Two love birds:
And our last addition to this year's tree was an early gift from Santa for Evan - a "choo choo" for under the tree. Every night he will sit and watch it go around for a little bit. He is really into trains right now!
We are really looking forward to Christmas this year!

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