Monday, April 16, 2012

Ben & Jeff's Wedding

We were very fortunate to attend the wedding ceremony of two dear friends this past weekend. Since marriage isn't legal in Pennsylvania yet, I guess this would be called a committment ceremony, but it was a wedding to us. For anyone that does not believe in gay marriage, they have obviously not attend a ceremony as wonderful as this one. If they had, I am certain they would change their minds.

Here are the happy grooms:
Brian and I enjoying a night out without the kids:

Another of the two of us - probably my favorite photo of the night:

With Jessica, whose weddimg is coming up soon. Funny story - back during our wedding in 2003, we had wanted to set up Ben with Jess as Ben had not yet come out. Jess and Ben were paired up in our wedding party and we were hoping for sparks to fly. Little did we know that Jessica's group of friends would be instrumental in introducing Ben to Jeff many years later.
Ben and his mother walking down the aisle:
Ben's parents, Chuck & Susan:
We wish lots of love and happiness for these two.

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