Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Warming up

This post is about "warming up", as in the weather is warming up AND Evan is warming up to the idea of having a brother. Last week, we had record highs and I was able to get outside to take some pictures of Eric. Not quite the quality as Bri's photos, but how often can you put a naked baby outside in a basket in the month of March?? I just can't believe how tiny Eric is and, in a few short weeks, he will no longer fit in this basket:Tiny baby feet:

We were lucky to have lots of help thost first 2 weeks home from the hospital as I wasn't able to do any driving or any heavy lifting. Nana & Papa came to visit and chauffeur me around for a few days to doctor's appointments:
While we never even got to take a picture, my mother (aka - DeeDee) was here for 3 days and cleaned our house from head-to-toe. She took down the curtains to wash them, washed windows, changed sheets, cleaned bathrooms - her help was invaluable.

As for big brother Evan, he has, for the most part, just ignored his brother's existence. He has been acting fine at home, but had decided to act out at school by BITING other kinds and OFTEN. It was quite a stressful first week as the phone just continued to ring with the teachers calling to tell us he had bitten yet again. They opted to move him to the next classroom and he is doing much better there. In addition, he's warming up at home to having his brother around. Just this past Friday, he snuggled on me and right next to Eric to watch some of the Disney "Cars" movie:Now, everytime Eric is in the bouncy seat, Evan goes over and plays the music for him. And he will also now rub his brother's tummy and feet very gently:And just the other day, he gave Eric his first kiss. It was slow progress, but he's getting there!

Eric seems to be following in his big brother's footsteps. He seems to love being in the water and enjoys his bath time:
He likes to hang out in the sink while Brian worked to fix the toilet:
And just hanging out with mommy on the couch. He's already looking bigger!Now that all of our help is gone, I am just enjoying my time at home with my new little man. I already feel like the time is flying too fast!

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