Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Happy Easter! We are back from yet another whirlwind Easter trip to NJ and were happy to get to celebrate Eric's first Easter with our family. Here the boys are on Easter morning, all dressed and ready to go. This is one rare picture of the two of them together - you really need to catch Evan in the right mood these days. But this one is a keeper:

And here is Eric on his first Easter, in an outfit given to him by my cousin:And here is a miracle shot of the whole family together at brunch:Onto my grandmother's house, where the boys were happy to play outside. Here is one of our many "throwing Evan in the air" photos. Not a great one, but his face is priceless:Here is Matthew dressed in his Sunday best, looking very handsome:And Matthew giving Evan a hug:The boys finding the Easter eggs on their hunt:Evan loved opening the eggs and eating the candy - his first time ever really eating candy . . . and he thoroughly enjoyed himself

And Claire enjoyed watching the boys. Love, love, love her red hair!!Eric spent most of his Easter like this - next year, he'll be able to join in on the festivities

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