Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eric Gets a Taste of the Good Life . . .

Eric has waited a long 6 months to get introduced to food.  I was hoping he'd take to it as easily as his big brother did.  Not so lucky so far, but hopefully he'll get there soon enough.  Here is, such a big boy in his high chair.
And his first taste:
 Not quite too sure of it:
Really not sure:
Not too thrilled:
A little bit happier:
 We're still working on it with him but he'll hopefully get there soon enough.  We know he needs to add some pounds on and I'm hoping the food will help.

Separately from that, Eric has really started sitting on his own in the last 2 weeks.  It's so much nicer to be able to put him down and let him play with some toys now.  He's nowhere near crawling yet and I'd like to keep it like that as long as I can:
And this past weekend, we did a picnic lunch with our neighbors after playing outside together in the morning:
Lastly, I love comparing my two boys at the same ages.  Here they are, both just shy of 6 months and sitting up.  Eric is SO skinny compared to Evan - his weight is actual worrying me right now.  And to me, they look nothing alike. 

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