Monday, September 24, 2012

Eric is 6 months old!

Where has half of a year gone and how can I make my baby stop growing up?? 

Eric turned 6 months old on September 13th but this post is a little bit late as I've been rather busy these past few weeks.  At his doctor's appointment, I found out that Eric is a whopping 14 lbs, 14 oz . . . with a completely full belly.  Evan was in the 14 lb range at 2 months old so these boys continue to be so different in their builds, despite eating similar amounts of food.  Eric was in the 9th percentile for weight and the 9th for height as well (25.4 inches).  If he hadn't had that full belly, he may have been 0 percentile, something which I was unneccessarily worrying about.  He is developing normally, though.  He is sitting up on his own, babbling away ("dadadada" is his favorite word, though he doesn't say it with any meaning at this point) and loves us to play peek-a-boo with him.  We've started feeding him veggies and fruit now and he's come a long way with his eating. 

I finally got a chance to go get his 6 month pictures taken this past weekend.  I remember this age vividly with Evan - 6 months old is the PERFECT age to take pictures.  They sit still, can't move and smile at anything and everything. Eric is no different than his older brother in this perspective.  And this picture may be the best one we've gotten to date of Eric - it perfectly captures his happy personality:
 A close up on his face:
Now sitting up easily in his frog chair - what a difference a month makes as he was nowhere near sitting up when we took the 5 month picture:
Close up with his favorite new toy . . . his feet.  I coudn't get a picture of him without the flash because he wouldn't stop moving for even a split second:
 And I love to compare to Evan at the same age:
And lastly, one more comparison of the two.  Now you can really tell the difference in build.  Someone asked me recently if I noticed their personalities being different yet.  And I honestly can't say I see a difference as of now.  They were/are both happy babies, easy-going, good sleepers, easy to entertain and have developed similarly. I'm sure the personality differences will come soon enough, though. 

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