Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thomas in Strasburg

Thomas the Tank Engine made a visit to Strasburg, PA (near Lancaster) this past weekend.  We bought tickets to go with my sister's family several months ago. Here is Thomas pulling into the station for his first ride of the day, which we were lucky to be a part of:
Here are Brian and Evan posing right in front of Thomas.  Evan was so excited to get to see Thomas and to get to ride on a train for the first time:
Here is the Felt family on the train.  Poor Eric had a 103 fever all day and I was battling a horrible cold.  We were both troopers, though I was probably less of a trooper than he was.
And here is our full crew trying to fit together for one photo in the smallest train seats you've ever seen.  No luck getting everyone to look at the same time.
After our ride on Thomas, we got to take a longer train ride on a steam engine that took us to Paradise, PA and back.  Evan loved waving at people as we went by them.  Brian took these pictures as we were in the station and getting ready to go:
 Our little trooper with a 103 fever:
Here are two cute cousins - Claire giving Evan a kiss:
All in all, it was a great day.  I am sure we'll be going back again in the future as Eric gets older.  And hopefully we'll all be healthy next time!

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