Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Beach in Autumn

The first official day of autumn was perfect weather for the beach.  Jessica's wedding was in LBI and my cousin let us use her house for the weekend.  Back on our OBX trip, Evan refused to put his feet in the ocean.  And when we arrived in LBI, he was the same.  If we put him down in the water, he screamed and cried hysterically as though we were torturing him.  But somehow, with the prodding of me, Brian and his nana, we were able to coax him into the water.  By the end of the two days, he was running and "swimming" in it like a pro.  Here is on Saturday morning running through the water:
 Staring at the ocean:
 "Swimming" in the ocean:
"Popping the bubbles" with daddy.  This is how Brian first convinced him to come near the water - he had to step on the bubbles in the surf to pop them.
I can't get enough of pictures on the beach.  It's the perfect setting for photos.  It's too bad it will be a long time before we are back there again.

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