Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another Day at Longwood

Another visit to one of our favorite places around - Longwood Gardens.  It's tulip season and always beautiful to see.  Getting photos is just a little more difficult each time we go, but luckily Eric still cooperates for photos and Evan is bribe-able if we promise him chocolate.  Here they are at the indoor gardens - that is Evan's horrible smily face:
 Out by the tulips:
 Evan had Eric in a choke-hold:
 Now it started to get painful and one second after this picture, they both fell into the tulips:
 Mr Happy:
Checking out the flowers:
Walking pensively through the gardens:
One of my favorites:
He had been strapped in the stroller all afternoon so he was so happy to be out and about: 
Brian hanging Eric upside down:
We will be back soon I'm sure.  And hopefully Eric continues to cooperate for me because I need at least one child I can photograph among the flowers!

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