Sunday, April 14, 2013

Please Touch Museum . . . yet again

Last weekend, we spent our Saturday morning at the Please Touch Museum.  We try to get there at least once a year and it's perfect for kids.  Here are a few pics I was able to get while we were there.  The brothers in a car and Evan giving Eric a kiss:
 Eric driving on his own:
Watching the car wash:
At the supermarket:
Eric was so short it was hard to see over the top of the cart:
Shopping for limes:
Checking out at the grocery store with Brian as the cashier:
Working the crane:
  Eric, Sasha and Ian driving the boat:
All three Felt boys riding the carousel:
It's pretty difficult to get pictures when we are out with two little ones so these aren't my best shots but we had a lot of fun.  And I'm sure you'll be seeing another post like this in just about a year.

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