Monday, April 15, 2013

Catching up

A few weeks ago, I took the boys to the daycare at my office because their regular daycare was closed for Good Friday.  At lunch time, I brought Evan to the cafeteria to eat lunch and then we visited my desk.  He was very happy to see where I worked and to play on my computer . . . which he then locked me out of.  But here he is pretending to work:
And a picture of the boys getting tickled by their father.  Eric has a look of joy while Evan's look is mixed with fear:
And just last night we hosted our group of "Delaware friends" (only one couple of which still lives in Delaware) over for the third annual "Dinner for Breakfast Pajama Party".  When we first started this party in 2011, there were 10 adults and 5 children.  Here we are 2 years later and we are up to 10 kids in total. . . and we all managed to sit down and eat dinner at the same time - a minor miracle.  While I didn't take any pictures of the action because I was doing most of the cooking, I did snap this shot.  Evan was exhausted, hadn't napped in 2 days and was overall cranky.  Brian and I had just commented to each other earlier in the weekend that Evan had never fallen asleep in a random spot like when he was playing or anything.  Well nothing more random than falling asleep at the dinner table with 20 people around:
 And Eric was more than happy to take a taste of some yummy chocolate pie for dessert:
 I'll keep feeding him chocolate if it will help fatten him up!

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