Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July - The Afternoon

The second annual 4th of July Olympics took place this year at our friend Terry & Beth's house.  Our friend Brian (a different Brian) and I plan all of the events - using our imaginations and games we have found on the internet.  We had 6 teams this year and 7 events.  And we made total fools out of ourselves.

The first game was called "Junk in the Trunk".  There were empty tissues boxes belted onto our backsides with 8 ping pong balls in there. You had to jump around like you were having a seizure to try to get all of the ping pong balls out:
While we were playing games, the kids had fun in the yard.  Despite the "no diving" sign, Evan dove in head first:
In this game, "Tilt a Cup", your partner had to bounce a series of ping pong balls into a tower of cups:
Elephant March involved a set of pantyhose on the head with a baseball in the leg.  The team had to knock down 10 water bottles using only their elephant trunk:
In "Field Goal", using a yardstick balanced on a solo cup, the team had to build a tower of 6 solo cups on either side of the yardstick.  This was a total team effort . . . and we won this game.  
The blind obstacle course was definitely the hit of the party.  With one partner blindfolded and one shouting directions from the center of the yard, the blindfolded person was guided to put on a silly hat, put down a button down shirt, find a flag under a set of cones and make their way to a bench where they had to eat 3 saltines and whistle to signal you were done.  It was hysterical:
This was the best picture of the day:
Eating saltines and whistling:
In the race below, the couples had to race across the yard holding a banana between their necks.  And on the way back, the banana was pinned to your backside:
Brian and I did not do too well in this one and ended up with smushed banana all over our pants:
Taking a break with the boys to eat:
And, for some reason, Brian feels compelled to wear the UGLIEST outfit on the 4th of July.  So here was his attire for the picnic.  I was more than embarrassed.  He actually wanted to get out and pump gas dressed like this but I wouldn't let him.
My friend Brian and I already have most of next year's events planned as well.  We have so much fun with it and are happy to have such willing participants.  Up next - trip to Keuka!!

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