Friday, July 12, 2013

Keuka Day 1

We are at Keuka Lake for the annual get-together with Brian's side of the family - one of our favorite weekends of the year!  The weather wasn't the best today so we didn't get much swimming in, but Evan did get a chance to fish for the first time.  Here is so excited to try it out:
After about 2 minutes tops, he lost interest in fishing - no patience.  So Uncle Cliff caught him a big one and Brian helped him reel it in:
Pretty big fish for his first time . . . though he can't really take any credit for it:
Playing around in the tube on land - hoping to be pulling them behind the boat tomorrow:
 Papa and Eric:
Evan's first time eating a smores . . . I think he liked it:
Evan throwing rocks in the water:
Cousins enjoying the sunset:
A few minutes later, the sky had gone from pink to purple:
Campfire dinner:
Given the skies tonight, I'm hopeful for a sunshine-filled day of boating and swimming tomorrow!

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