Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July - The Morning

Fourth of July is a busy day for us.  The boys were in matching shirts thanks to Deedee and Pops . . . however, from the looks of this picture, they weren't too thrilled to be in matching shirts.  I couldn't get them both to cooperate for a picture - I'm pretty sure they may be teenagers before I can get a good picture of the two of them:
We headed over to our community park in the morning to march in the decorated bike parade.  Eric was in the buggy and Evan wanted to ride his scooter instead of his tricycle:
Evan is in love with his scooter, which Aunt Megan and Uncle Dave got for him for his birthday:
Here are Owen and Eric in matching buggies.  Owen is our next door neighbor and he's three months younger than Eric:
Eric and Evan just before the parade started:
And the parade begins:
Eric not too sure of what was going on:
After the parade, we played for a little while on the playground:
Evan on the swings:
Onto the slide:
We had a great morning, took a nap and headed to Terry & Beth's for the second annual Olympics party.  Pictures to come in the next post.

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