Monday, July 22, 2013

Keuka Part 2 - Aunt Shelley's Pictures

I didn't have my camera out as much for the last two of three days at Keuka Lake.  Chasing around two little kids isn't conducive to photography.  Plus, Aunt Shelley was there and she is far more skilled than I am.  These pictures all came from her camera over the course of the weekend.

Aunt Karen and Uncle Cliff's house has all sorts of fun activities for the kids.  Eric loved the sidewalk chart.  A budding artist?  Likely not but he had fun:
We brought our buggy from home because we knew we'd be going on a lot of walks.  I love that Eric still likes to smile for the camera:
Brian out waterskiing on the lake - heading outside the wake:
Evan and his daddy - happy to be out on the boat:
On Saturday, we headed out on the tube being pulled by Uncle Cliff driving the boat.  After this photo was taken, Morgan and Janet got out of the boat, leaving me, Brian, Evan and Eric in the tube.  Due to an honest mistake on Brian's part, the tube ended up filling with water and tossing us into the middle of the lake in a mere 100 feet of water.  Thank God for those life jackets!  Brian and I managed to remain calm and calmed the boys down until we could get back into the boat.  One of the more comical parts of the story is that I had ahold of both Evan and Eric as we were going in and I wasn't letting go.  Unbeknownst to me, Brian also had a hold of Evan.  So, luckily he was a little more sane than me and let go of Evan or we would have probably dislocated his arms.  But we all survived and we even got Evan out on the tube the next day:
The next day, we started with Brian pulling the tube and acting as the boat:
I got some waterskiing in as well.  Every year I look a little more terrified than I looked the year before:
We got some time in sailing on the sailboat.  These pictures were of Brian but I got to go with him twice as well:
The neighbors had a float that you could lay out on the lake on.  It was really difficult to stand on and so Brian and I would try running on it until one of us fell, which was a lot of fun:
 Evan loving the tube, even after the fall into the lake:
Evan and Nana getting splashed by Brian:
Eric eating breakfast.  He ate more there than he ever ate before.  Guess the lake air made him hungry:
A cute picture of Evan shortly after a temper tantrum.  He was laying down on the deck here after throwing his body down in anger:
Nana, Eric and Lily playing by the water:
Brian and I even got a chance to go out for a run/walk while we were there and had some built-in babysitters.  Beautiful scenery for a run:
Eric and I sitting lake side and playing with the stones and water:
I believe I have a few more pictures on my camera from the weekend to load on here.  But I am pretty sure they aren't as good as these ones.  More to come . . . most likely.

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