Thursday, September 25, 2014

Day Out with Thomas - 2014

Two years ago, we headed to the Strasburg Railroad for the day out with Thomas event (2012 Trip).  Now that Eric is 2 years old and loves himself some Thomas, we wanted to make a trip back.  Both boys were were excited to see Thomas (though you can't quite tell from this picture).  Eric kept wanting to look over his shoulder to see Thomas:
And for the first time this year, Percy came to visit as well:
Eric waving in awe as Thomas drives by:
There goes Thomas:
And now riding on a miniature Thomas:
And climbing inside a Thomas made of legos:
Onto riding the old steam train:
Waving out the window:
Evan looks to be thinking seriously here:
Nana & Papa joined us for the train ride:
Brian and Eric getting ready to pull out of the station:
 The boys enjoying the scenery:
Eric doing some deep thinking now:
Evan is mostly out of the Thomas phase and it makes me sad to think that our Thomas days are numbered.  But this was certainly a fun day for both boys and for the adults as well!

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