Tuesday, September 2, 2014

OBX 2014

Today marks our 4th straight year in the OBX with our good friends (i.e. - the frisbee crew).  And we were also there in 2010 with the Weiss crew and 2008 with our "Delaware" crew.  We have been taking this picture since Evan was born with all of our footprints.  Look at how much we've "grown" since 2010:

There was a tropical storm out to sea when we were there, giving us beautiful skies but LOTS of wind and very rough seas.  So our first full day there, we headed to Jockey Ridge State Park as we thought the wind would be great for kite flying.  The kids found some tadpoles in the water here:
Eric running around:
 Love this photo . . . these two boys love to just run, run, run:
Hiking the dunes:
Well, the wind was so strong that flying kites didn't really work.  And the sand pelting the boys legs resulted in crying and then us having to carry them back to the not-so-windy area. Very happy when being held . . . and Brian got a workout:
On Wednesday, we headed on a dolphin cruise.  We saw tons and tons of dolphins:
Eric has a knack for passing out on boat rides:
All of the kids got a chance to drive the boats themselves:
Just after the boat ride:
We did get some time on the beach:
Evan continues to love the ocean . . . and running:
We got them some trucks for the sand and Eric was a happy camper:
Empty beaches:
A little Pro Kadeema for the guys:
And burying the big kids in the sand:
A new addition to the week's events included a Pirate Treasure Hunt.  We hid clues throughout the house that the kids had to find, which directed them to their next clue.  Here we are kicking it off:
And after 13 clues, we ended up on the beach to dig up the buried treasure:
Which included a few small toys and some candy:
Probably my favorite picture of Evan from all week - pure joy:
Digging for sand crabs:
Watching the waves:
Some beach pics taken with my phone:
And our first ever mini golf outing with the boys:
Those are the highlights from the week. Next up are the pictures from our annual family photo shoot.  Hope to get to those in the next few days.  

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