Wednesday, September 3, 2014

OBX 2014 - Family Photos

Every year in the OBX we do a family photo shoot in our matching jeans and white shirts.  I know it's a lot of the same shots year after year but I do love these pictures:
I think my favorite of the whole bunch, which I'm tempted to turn into a canvas, is this one.  They were holding hands and walking:
Onto the attempts of the family photo.  Here everyone cooperated but Evan was looking away:
And in this one, everyone but me looks good (I don't know like my smile):
The winner of the family shots, though Eric is looking away:
Brothers goofing around:
Having a good time:
With the ocean in the background: 
And the obligatory "looking out at the ocean" photo.  It was getting pretty dark at this point:
And what would a beach trip be without the "throwing the kids into the air" picture:
With Evan at over 40 pounds, it's getting harder to throw him up high:
Hopefully I will get a chance to post a few videos in the near future of the boys swimming - they both came a long way with a week living with a pool!

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