Sunday, April 3, 2011

Please Touch Museum

It's not often that we get visitors outside of immediate family that make the trip to PA to visit us from NJ. I was especially thankful when my cousin Christa decided to drive 3+ hours to visit us with her two adorable little girls, Grace & Mary. Mary, who is typically shy around strangers, took all of 5 minutes to warm up to Brian. He has such a way with kids. After a sleep-over on Friday night, we all headed to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia where we met my mom, sister and nephew.

Matthew & Grace enjoyed the "Alice in Wonderland" exhibit together.
The kids tending to the baby in the hospital nursery:
Evan's favorite activity - eating! With his Gram:

Evan now can drink out of the sippy cup by himself!

Mary enjoying her drink:

Megan & Matthew on the carousel: Matthew driving the bus:

And one last picture of Matthew smiling:

It was a fantastic day and I can't wait to take Evan back again when he gets older!

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