Sunday, April 17, 2011

Longwood Gardens

Be prepared to see lots of pictures of Longwood Gardens in the coming year as we purchased a season pass to the gardens for the year. All we had to do was visit twice and it would pay for itself. After a very rainy day yesterday, the sun was shining this morning and we made a trip to visit ater lunch. The tulips had begun to bloom, though in another 2 weeks, it will even be more spectacular.Once we got into the conservatory, we were able to put Evan down to pose for some pictures. My absolute favorite picture is the one I put at the top of this posting, but these next few aren't too bad either.He loves to stand now and I just love those little sneakers he is now wearing. Such a serious face here - so much for him to take in.Here is just again - won't sit still for more than 1 second.Another favorite of mine - he certainly was enjoying the sites and sounds. We are looking forward to several more trips this summer

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