Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Standing Tall

Evan finally started pulling to standing this past weekend (4/10/11)! A few weeks prior, Evan had begun to boycott standing altogether and would collapse everytime we tried to stand him up on his feet for him. But, just like crawling, once he did it once, he started repeatedly pulling up as though he's been doing it forever. He's already in the very early stages of "cruising". We've got a long way before the walking starts, but he's getting there. Other fun notes - Evan is saying the word "dog" now. I don't know if he knows the meaning, but he most definitely says "dog". In addition, he is currently battling his 3rd ear infection, teething and a nasty cold. He is coughing through most of the night and just hasn't been himself. This morning was the first time he cried when Brian dropped him off at daycare :( And his most recent trend is that he is preferring to be with Brian over me. I have heard that kids go through phases in preferring parents, but I am not enjoying the phase where I go to hold my baby and he reaches back for his daddy. Hopefully it will be a short-lived one!

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