Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Stroll Down Memory Lane . . .

I had the chance to spend a night away with two of my closest friends this past weekend. Kelly was my roommate for 4 out fo my 5 years at Lehigh, while Chris completed our trio. Much of my free time was spent with these two dear friends. Up until last year, we had let a long 10 years go by without all getting together (outside of weddings). Right after I got pregnant with Evan, we had our first "reunion" and hope to be able to cotinue this on a yearly basis, if not more. Kelly still lives near our alma mater of Lehigh Unviersity, so we decided to spend the afternoon strolling around the campus and reliving years of memories. I also worked on my photography skills, trying to capture some of the sights on campus as well as the three of us just being silly. I got so many great shots that I had trouble cutting down what I would put up for this posting. This photo below was taken in the library. There were diligant students studying on a Saturday afternoon . . . many of which were staring at us as we giggled and posed for photos:

Here, Kelly and I attempted to re-create a photo from many years ago:

Next is a shot from inside the amazing Linderman Library. I did not appreciate the beauty of this place until coming back to campus several years later. I used to study here frequently.
This area with the spiral staircase has a beautiful rotunda at the top. This picture was taken looking straight up at the ceiling. Here we are being silly again - we were able to get a student to take a few shots of all of us. This area of the library, know as the dungeon, is filled with rows and rows of books. We wondered how often are these books even touched today, in the day and age of the internet? This picture is taken from a window looking out from the dungeon. The building you see on the left is of the chapel (where Brian & I got married). The beige building on the right is the Math building, which brings back some fond memories. The Math building (named Christmas-Saucon) was one of the first buildings on campus. Here Chris is giving me a piggy-back ride. And another one of the three of us: This building was my & Kelly's freshman dorm. It also was Brian's freshman dorm one year after us. We could not really appreciate the beauty of this building while we were living here. As I commented on how I never realized the beauty, Chris pointed out that not only do we see the beauty, but we are flooded with the memories (nostalgia) as well. If years go by before we all get together again, it will always be like we have never taken time apart.

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