Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Festivities

No one does holidays quite like my family. I'm fortunate to come from a large family who gets together on the holidays. But it can be a bit hectic to try to see everyone in one day. Easter generally consists of brunch with my mom's side of the family, lunch with my dad's side of the family and dinner back with my mom's side of the family. We used to attend a Czechoslovakian church in Newark on top of all of this, but that church has since closed down. So this year, we woke up and Evan got to explore his Easter basket. And no, we did not give him Peanut m&m's - the Easter bunny brought that for me.
As our niece Morgan tells us often, Brian certainly is a "goofball". Evan is thoroughly entertained by his father's antics.
Here is a shot at the first stop of the day for breakfast. You can't see everyone, but there were over 30 people here in the morning.Goofballs again. Evan has just learned to intentionally stick his tongue out and he has been doing this non-stop!
My brother's girlfriend, Jess, with Evan. Evan was a little shy at first and wanted some snuggle time.
Family portrait.Two handsome guys:My parents with Evan: Next it was a 45 minute drive to my grandmother's tiny house. Thankfully the weather turned out great because 43 of the Weiss family members (out of 49) showed up. It was great to see everyone! This picture shows a portion of the 43 Weisses in attendance:

Close up of Evan: Our nephew Matthew enjoying a gummy worm:

My cousin Michael's son, Cameron:

And one last shot of Evan in his full Easter outfit.

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