Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cabin Party

Every year, our good friend Ben hosts a weekend-long (no kids) party at his family's lot of land in the middle of nowhere near where Brian grew up. The land actually straddles the NY/PA border, so you can stand in both states at once. While it can be a pain at times that Brian and I grew up so far apart, it is nice to have two different cultures to go home to. Brian's hometown area is that of complete relaxation and my hometown is more of the city-life. I like that Evan will be able to grow up going to the lakes of upstate NY and into NYC, all within a short distance of his grandparents' homes.

Back to the cabin weekend - Ben's family built up this land to have a swimming pond, a pavilion with picnic tables, a fireplace, electricity, refrigerators, bathrooms and a shower (but no house) . . . a must-have for my type of camping (or "glamping" as it was called this weekend). We bring our aero-bed to put in a tent - you get the picture of how much we're roughing it :) And Janet & Vinnie were very helpful with babysitting Evan all weekend, which allowed Brian and I to enjoy the party.

Below is a shot of the pond for swimming: Just a handful of the tents that were set up. There had to be at least 20 tents on the property:

The Sayre crew - Kirsten , Ben, Julie & Ben:

Brian and I enjoying our kid-free time:

Chatting by tiki-torch light as the sun set:
A shot of the pavilion at night:The picture below is of one of my best friends, Jessica, and her boyfriend, Walt. Funny story from the weekend. Jessica owned a 3.2MP digital camera from 1999 which was far past its prime. Jess loves photography and is obsessed with taking pictures . . . but taking pictures with her camera had become a practical joke because it took about 5 minutes to turn the camera on and, if she had enough battery left, you might be able to get 1 picture before it died. Forget it if you wanted to view that picture on the camera's viewing window after you took it, you needed a magnifying glass because the screen was probably 1inch wide. We have all been begging Jessica to get a new camera for years, but she has held onto this antique for unknown reasons. Well, a slightly-tipsy Brian decided to take matters into his own hands. He took the memory card out of the camera (to save the pictures) and threw the camera far into the pond. The party erupted into cheers at the death of Jess's camera. She now must buy herself a new camera. And, because I did feel slighly bad, I was in charge of taking her pictures for the weekend:Yes, Diana is 7 months pregnant and decided to come camping for the weekend. Here she is getting her groove on with Brian:

As the night went on and more drinks were consumed, the dance party broke out. Here Jeff is doing his best Britney Spears imitation with a blow-up snake:
The next morning, everyone was in the pond relaxing before noon:
A close up of the relaxation:
One of the cutest moments of the weekend was when Lily joined Brian on a raft. She stayed in the water with us for hours and even climbed the ladder stairs to get onto the dock. And yes, Brian was drinking bright and early on Saturday morning:A grilled turkey was on the menu:

Unfortunately, I had to return back to Janet's on Saturday night to take care of Evan while Janet & Vinnie attended her high school reunion. But it was a great time and we always look forward to going back again!

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