Thursday, August 25, 2011

Evan at 15 Months

Evan had his 15-month appointment on Wednesday this week. He weighed in at 26 pounds (68th percentile), measured 30.5 inches long (27th percentile) and his head was in the 50th percentile. He was not happy to be at the doctor's office after a few minutes and kept walking to the door in his diaper and saying "bye bye". I guess he proved to the doctor that he can talk.

Some of the new things Evan is doing these days include going down our entire flight of stairs backwards, starting to sleep on a pillow (though most mornings we find him on the other side of his crib), walking the dog (i.e. - holding onto the leash during our nightly walks), throwing MAJOR tantrums when he doesn't get his way (which usually is when we make him come in from playing outside) and overall just being silly. He sleeps like a champ (I am counting my blessings) and will wake up and sit in his crib for up to a half hour just entertaining himself. When he is awake, he is always trying to get our attention and not always in the best way. Sometimes he plays in the dog bowl and sometimes he bites us! We have begun the process of discipline by way of "time out". I sit him down and count to 10 - most of the time, he watches me count and then smiles at me. It takes everything my power to not laugh back. Contrary to what I had originally thought, Brian is much better at this discipline thing than I am because I hate seeing my little boy cry. Other than that, I think he is your average 15-month-old boy . . . he NEVER stops moving. And he LOVES to dance. Just put on music and he will spin in circles for you. We need to get that one on video soon.

And since I'm doing a horrible job at filling out his baby book, I figured I should document his vocabulary on here. He is up to about 25 words, which include: mama, daddy, papa, hi, bye-bye, up, leash, treat, doggie, Lily, cheese, shoes, Elmo, book, yay, ball, all-done, hat, more, balloon, car, keys, uh-oh, and thank-you (the cutest one of the bunch). Now, most people other may not be able to understand these words, but we can. He can also tell you that a cow says "moo", a horse says "neigh" and a dog says "woof". For a boy, I am guessing he's on the more verbal side (he does have his dad's personality) and it's amazing the speed at which he's learning new words.

Here he is being his silly self:
And trying his first full ice-cream cone, which he seemed to enjoy:

In the next few months, I'd like to teach him to eat with a spoon. He is great with his fork (though sometimes it's just easier to eat with his hands), but I've been the one hesitant to give him the spoon because I don't want to deal with the mess. I guess I'll have to start with that soon enough because it was one of the things the doctor asked about. Other than that, he continues to be our happy little boy.

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