Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Utah Day 2

On Thursday, we decided to play a morning round of frisbee golf (i.e. - disc golf). Given all of my years of ultimate frisbee experience, I thought this would be a breeze. Little did I know that it would be anything but that . . . I was HORRIBLE! I shot a 99 (at least I broke 100) and I think Brian beat me by 27 throws. I am used to throwing an ultimate frisbee disc, which is much different than a frisbee golf disc. Anyway, we had a blast despite my lack of skill . . . which is better than my first experience regular golfing where I was crying by the 15th hole. You couldn't get better scenery for our course, which was at the top of The Canyons ski resort. You can see how crowded it was when you look at the empty chair lift behind Brian that took us up to the course: Here is Brian in full action . . . he, not surprisingly, was great at frisbee golf:

Here I am with my best attempt. Throwing backhand is not my skill and, unfortunately, you can't throw forehand with a frisbee golf disc. I looked like I'd never thrown before:

We had a fantastic lunch at the lodge on the top of the Canyons, sitting outside in the mountains. Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel for some pool/hot-tub time. There were 6 hot tubs at our hotel, many of which looked like this:

Close up shot of the hot-tub:

We headed to a Mexican restaurant next to our hotel for dinner, which included some yummy, frosty drinks:

After dinner, we headed back to Main Street to walk around in the early evening:

And this concludes our 2nd day of the trip. To be continued . . .

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