Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Utah Day 3

We woke up to another day of blue skies on Friday morning and decided to head out to Ogden, Utah (about an hour from our hotel) for a really nice hike. As we drove to Ogden, there was an enormous storm cloud that just stayed right over our hiking spot . . . the kind of storm cloud that includes streaks of lightening that were hitting the ground. We were hoping that the storm would be cleared by the time we arrived . . . and such begins the saga of the hike. I am one who is very fearful of thunderstoms, though as we arrived and the thunder was subsiding. We started hiking and, from the first moment, I kept questioning whether or not we should turn back. We got 1.6 miles (of the 2.5 one way) into our hike when I was seeing more streaks of lightening and hearing loud booms of thunder. After second guessing myself for about 15 minutes, I insisted that we turn around on our hike. We passed a man, probably in his 70's, who was also hiking behind us. I was expecting him to back me up but he seemed unconcerned with the storm and continued on, which made Brian laugh. So we turned around . . . it was a beautiful hike up until this point: About halfway down, you could start to see the blue sky creeping in. I was secretly hoping the storm would get worse and we'd be getting poured on by the time we got back to the car so that i could feel justified in this decision. Instead, mother nature decided to play a cruel joke on me because, by the time we got down, the sun was shining. We missed making it to the beautiful overlook part of the hike but at least we were safe and sound in our car in the bright sunshine :)

Following our hike, we were hungry and ready to try our first In-N-Out Burger, the famous west coast burger chain. The place was so crowded, you would have thought they were giving away the burgers. And they were very yummy, though I'm not quire sure what all of the hype was about. Following our lunch, we headed into Salt Lake City to check out the Mormon temple. There were probably 8 different couples getting married there at the same time - I'm not sure how that works. But we saw tons of brides & grooms and thought it was odd that it was so busy at 1:00 on a Friday - but I guess that is where all of the Mormons want to get married:

The flowers on the grounds were amazing:

At night, we headed back to Main Street in Park City for a very yummy steak dinner at one of the fancier restaurants in town:

With all of this food, I'm guessing I probably gained 7 pounds :)

To be continued . . .

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