Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Longwood at Christmas

After a long ride back from Thanksgiving on Saturday, we decided to let Evan get some energy out with a trip to Longwood Gardens with the McKinnons. I was hoping to get a shot for a Christmas card here, so we stopped every so often to attempt a picture. We didn't have much luck as Evan does not stand still. This one was a cute one, though: In front of a different Christmas tree:

Obsessed with the Christmas ornaments - he actually broke this ornament:Running away from the camera:

A family shot (taken by Julie). Very good considering she wasn't looking through the viewfinder when she took this shot :)

And while we weren't at Longwood for this one, it was taken the next day after we had taken out some of our Christmas decorations. Evan calls these the "men" (as in "snowmen"). He will walk by them and say "Hi men" or "Bye bye men". And he likes to touch their carrot noses too.

We has, surprisingly, not tried to dismantle our tree . . . yet. He sits in front of the tree each night to watch his train go around but has so far been well behaved. Let's hope he keeps it up!

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