Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

This post is long overdue as Thanksgiving was several weeks ago already. We drove up to Elmira on Wednesday night and headed to Aunt Shelley's on Thursday. And after a very yummy dinner, we headed out on a long outdoor walk. Evan couldn't have been happier:All in all, Evan probably walked a mile, possibly more:Running down the road with Aunt Shelley & Aunt Karen:

When we got to the point where we were going to turn around, it was time to throw some stones into puddles:

Unfortunately, Evan didn't want to walk back once he learned to throw stones. So it took awhile to convince him that we needed to walk back (often times being carried by Brian in protest). Once we got to Michele's, it was time to check out the pine trees:

He was intrigued:Couldn't be happier than when he's OUTSIDE: That night we had a sleepover with cousin Morgan and a visit in the morning from Madigan, who is ~6 weeks older than Evan. Brian and I got to do a little Black Friday shopping while these three hung out:Evan was great through all of the time in the car (~900 miles when it was all said and done). And for that, I was thankful!

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