Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vernon Christmas Party

This is our second annual trip up to Vernon, NJ. It's 3 hours away but our close cousins' neighborhood throws a great Christmas party. Santa comes with presents for all kids, there is a craft table for all kids, a DJ, a potluck dinner, a wine-tasting contest and an ornament exchange. Since we grew up visiting these cousins, we know their neighbors too so there are a lot of familiar faces. There is a LOT more to talk about this weekend . . . which will come in my next post.

Here are Brian & Evan in a very happy mood to be at the party:
This is Evan's "cheesey face". If we ask him to make his "cheesey face", he always obliges. And it is pretty cheesey:

Here is the adorable Claire with her mommy:

Cousin Matthew sitting so nicely on Santa's lap - he was not afraid at all: Unlike Evan. This is what happened when we started to walk towards Santa (and were probably still a good 15 feet away). I said it would be considered child abuse if we had tried to actually put him on Santa's lap, though it probably would have made for a great picture:

My next post will contain the more eventful part of the weekend . . .

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