Friday, March 23, 2012

March Madness

It's not too often that Lehigh makes the NCAA tournament. So when Lehigh made the tournament, it was exciting. When we saw they were matched up against Duke, we figured the game would be over before it started. Being a die-hard Duke fan, I was torn but opted to root for my alma-mater over my usual team. And surprises of all surprises, Lehigh actually won! We, of course, had to proudly wear our Lehigh brown-and-white to cheer them on in the 2nd round (which, unfortunately, they lost). Eric doesn't have a Lehigh outfit in his size, so he wore the only brown and white outfit that we owned.
Here Evan was clapping for his team:

Evan was being a ham, standing up and falling onto the ground before posing with a huge smile. Since it's difficult to get a picture of him smiling, I am especially in love with this photo:
And a cute shot of the back of his shirt:

It was still exciting to root on Lehigh in the tournament, even if they lost in the 2nd round!

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