Sunday, March 11, 2012

One last weekend as a family of three . . .

Our last weekend as a family of three was spent alone together. We relaxed at home yesterday, ran some last-minute errands and had dinner out together. Today, we went to the pool as a family . . . and because I had heard that being in the pool could help with the breech issue. Evan loves the pool and seemed happy to have both of his parents there with him. After the nap, we headed to Longwood Gardens as it was a beautiful day. Here, Evan walked down 45 steps with me holding his hand . . . took quite awhile:Walking through the gardens with Brian:

Indoors with Brian:
And yes, he's actually smiling!
Everyone should take a little time to stop and smell the roses:Or take the time to see the fountains:

Evan enjoyed all of the fountains and pools of water. Whenever we left one area of water, he would say "More water?"
Thankfully there was plenty of water fountains in the childrens' garden:
There was also a "cauldron" looking area where water would splash up sporadically. Each time, Evan would jump as though he was completely terrified . . . followed by one of the deepest belly laughs you've ever heard. This went on for several minutes and other people came by just to see his reaction. These pictures don't do it any justice:

And while we were here, we took a handful of maternity shots. Not the best photos, but at least some proof that I actually carried this baby since we haven't been documenting this pregnancy like we should have:

I anticipate this being my last blog post for a little while. I'm excited to meet our newest little family member but also scared to see how much life is going to change. I hope Evan accepts his baby brother/sister with open arms. While he may not be thrilled with having to share his parents in the short term, we hope he will grow up to have a built-in best friend later on in life. And we are looking forward to seeing how this new addition will fit in and what personality he/she will have. Given the last few weeks' events, I'm thinking (s)he won't be quite as easy going as his/her brother. Time will tell!

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