Saturday, July 7, 2012

Date Night at Longwood Gardens

Last night we hired our babysitter to watch the boys while we headed out to Longwood Gardens to see their exhibit by British artist Bruce Munro called "Light: Installations".  We started off our date night with a trip to get cheese fries and a milkshake to share on our way to the gardens.  We were excited based on the pictures we had seen of the exhibit, but we were even more impressed with what we saw when we were there.  I tried taking pictures but it honestly doesn't do it any justice.  I would highly recommend it, though.

These little fiber optic bulbs were everywhere in a forest section of the gardens and they changed colors often:
 A view of the forest, but again, this does not do it justice:
 Another close-up of the bulbs:
 The red sea:
 We made our way to the meadow next, where there were these towers of water bottles, filled with water and fiber optic lights.  The colors were amazing:
 A few individual shots of towers of different colors:
In the conservatory, these chandeliers were hung.  This is a picture of the same chandelier only a few seconds apart - the colors changed so suddenly and often that by the time I got my camera ready to shoot the color I wanted, it had already changed:
As we were leaving, we walked by a pond, which had beautiful reflections of the lights.  Again, the pictures don't do it any justice:
And if you'd like to read more, you can go to the following link:

I think we'll be going back again before the summer is over to see it again. 

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