Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Touch a Truck

On July 7th, despite 100+ degree heat, we headed to a Touch-a-Truck event in Haverford.  This type of event is something I had never heard of until I had a little boy in my life.  As I've mentioned before, Evan is obsessed with all things trucks.  He now enjoys car rides as long as we head through a construction zone on the way (which happens most of the time).  He joyfully proclaims the name of each truck as we pass by.  It certainly makes car trips much more bearable.  So when I googled and found out about a nearby fundraiser where children are allowed to climb and play in their favorite vehicles, I was beyond excited.  This would be like Christmas morning for Evan.  Unfortunately, the heatwave put a bit of a damper on our plans.  We arrived right when it started at 10:00 AM and it was already 100 degrees there.  It was held in a black-top parking lot, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and most of the trucks were turned on (engine heat).  Eric was sleeping in his car seat and I had to have the canopy over for the sun, which resulted in it being even hotter in his seat.  I knew we had less than an hour to enjoy the sights so we made the best of it. 

As in all new situations, Evan was a little slow to warm up.  I should know better by now - I expected him to go running to the trucks.  Instead, he was cautious and didn't seem to be thrilled.  But once he had a few minutes to warm up (no pun intended), he had just the reaction I had been hoping for. 

The first vehicle he was willing to climb into was the shool bus:
 I'm seeing into my future right here:
 Thrilled to be driving one of the fire trucks:
 With daddy in the fire truck:
 Now onto driving a police car with Brian pretending to be hand-cuffed in the back:
Another fire truck picture.  Can you see how sweaty Evan was?  This was from no running or activity - just walking around.  And no, he did not run under a hose or anything like that:
 Driving a SEPTA bus:
 Sitting in the excavator:
About 45 minutes after we arrived, we were on the way home.  I hope to attend another in the fall when we can hopefully enjoy it for more than 45 minutes.

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