Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July - 2012

We had quite the busy 4th of July this year.  We started the day off at the West Goshen decorated bike parade.  It was a hot day and Evan, as usual, did not want to be photographed.  But here he is just before the parade started.   
Not sure if you can tell or not, but the line of bikes goes the entire length of the picture.  There was almost as long of a line going to the left as well of strollers, wagons and training-wheel bicycles. 
 Here is Evan and Brian (notice his shorts) in the parade: 
 Enjoying his buggy ride:
At the end of the parade, they awarded 3 prizes to each division.  To our surprise, Evan actually won!  This is surprising because I don't consider myself to be artistically inclined, but I guess I did ok.  Evan picked a kick-ball and shovel as his prize.  Our neighbor also won in her division. 
 And once we got home to some cool air conditioning, Eric was more than happy to pose for photos:
Always an easy subject for the photographer.  I know they say you don't take as many pics of your second child as you did of your first.  But with the way my first is with pictures these days, we may end up with more of Eric:
And this was the only picture I could get where you could tell that the boys were in similar outfits - red/white/blue plaid shorts and navy shirts:
 Evan asked to hold Eric - he asks to hold him a lot more these days:
Brotherly love.  Right after this, Evan leaned down and kissed Eric.  Unfortunately, my camera's shutter speed was too slow and the picture is a total blur.  It would have been adorable had it come out clearly:
And Brian was feeling rather festive, so he went to Walmart and Kmart last night to find this outfit.  I was quite embarrassed by it but he wanted to show up to the party we went to in his holiday best:
After naps, we headed to Beth & Terry's where we played a fun, Olympics themed competition where 7 couples competed against each other in games such as water balloon toss, wheelbarrow race, and many minute-to-win-it type challenges.  I'm hoping it can be an annual event.  But we just got home at 9:15 and it's going to be rough for everyone tomorrow.  Oh well - it was worth it!  Happy 4th of July!

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