Monday, July 16, 2012

Eric is 4 months old!

Eric turned 4 months old on Friday, the 13th.  Someone at Brian's work also informed us that Eric will turn 13 years old on Friday the 13th.  Uh oh! 

Eric had his 4 month appointment today and weighed 13 lbs, 4 oz (17th percentile) and was 23.5 inches long (5th percentile).  His head was also 15th percentile so at least he's proportionate.  He's our little peanut!  His big brother weighed more at 2 months old than Eric weighs at 4 months old. They have given new meaning to the term "little brother" and "big brother".

Eric continues to be our happy, easy-going boy.  Not much seems to phase him.  I hope he stays this easy-going.  He eats well, sleeps well and enjoys just taking in the sights around him.  He smiles most when we sing to him and does seem to like when his brother pays him some attention.  He very much looks like his father and may end up with his father's personality too.  And Eric also rolled from back to front on Friday - choosing to do so for Brian while I was upstairs playing with Evan.
Playing with Lily - can't quite tell but his legs are wrapped around her neck and he is grabbling her eyes.  Lily continues to be a saint with the boys:

And Eric in his exersaucer:
And as a comparison, just look at Evan at 4 months and how CHUBBY he was. He weighed 16 lbs at 4 months old.  Looking back at these pictures had me in tears of laughter.  Evan and Eric definitely do not have the same build:

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