Sunday, January 20, 2013

10 months old

Eric turned 10 months old last weekend and of course I was a week late in taking his picture.  Eric continues to give us problems gaining weight.  And having the stomach bug before his 10-month weigh-in didn't help.  So now we are scheduled with the CHOP feeding program for next week to evaluate him and provide us help in getting him to gain weight.  He was 16 lbs, 4 oz at this appointment.  But, without that stomach bug, I'm pretty sure he would have been over 17 lbs.  He's also starting to stand unassisted so I'm afraid we're probably only a month of so away from his first steps. Eric loves to climb right now and I'll find him climbing onto/into anything he can.  His other favorite item is the dog food bowl - which he crawls over to and insists on splashing around in.  I will be so happy when this game is over with.  Eric also likes to destroy things like Evan's train table.  Brian calls him godzilla when he approaches the train table.  

Taking this 10 month picture was a comedy act.  I remember with Evan at this age that he wouldn't sit still and we couldn't even get his picture sitting on the frog.  So the fact that we got this cute one is a miracle:
The next are the bloopers. Eric kept wanting to dive head-first onto the floor. He would do so and then sit up and laugh.  This is what the picture session really looked like:
Fingers crossed that his 11 month appointment brings a much needed weight gain!

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