Monday, January 28, 2013

December Photo Shoot

Part of my parents' Christmas present was a picture of the four grandchildren.  Trying to get 4 children of the age 3 and under was quite the task.  And of course we couldn't get the perfect shot but it could have been a lot worse too.  Here is the picture we ended up framing for my parents' living room:
A picture of the two boys by themselves:
My favorite picture of Eric:
Eric sitting up:
The only picture we were really able to get of Evan who was more interested in throwing rocks and sticks into the nearby river:
We did not plan on taking a family photo - I did not even shower that morning or put on make-up.  Not a great photo of me but my 3 boys look good at least:
Getting formal photos is just not a pleasant experience with little kids. I look forward to the day that they will be more cooperative.

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