Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The blogging software is not allowing me to upload photos, so I will have to wait to post Eric's 9 months photos.  But I thought I'd share this funny story about Evan. A few months back, I posted that whenever you ask Evan what he did at school today, he'd say "Nothing" or "I don't know".  I was shocked he was starting with that so early. Well yesterday I was talking to him about his day as we drove home and I guess he became bored with the conversation.  When I asked him who he played with today, he started FAKE SNORING!  Like I was so boring that he couldn't possibly stay awake to have this conversation. I turned aruond and looked and said "I see your eyes open, Evan, you aren't sleeping."  To which he promptly closed his eyes and continued to fake snore. I, of course, laughed.  Which means I think I'll be hearing fake snoring on my drive home every day now.

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