Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Eric's 9 month photos

During the week after Christmas, we headed to the mall to get Eric's 9 month photos taken, just a few weeks late.  Now that we have entered the age of "stranger anxiety", he was not too happy to sit down and take photos.  He actually started bawling, folded himself in half and put his head on the floor.  It took some work, but we eventually got him to stop crying and to smile just a little.  I wasn't thrilled with how these pictures turned out but I certainly wasn't going to go back another day to do them.  So here they are:
In other milestone news, I think Eric is attempting to say his first word - "dog".  It doesn't sound like "dog" but he says the same exact thing every time he sees Lily.  It more sounds like "doh" but we realized he says it only to Lily.  If we say "Eric, where is the dog?" he will look around for her until he sees her and then he smiles.  He is in love with her right now.  And she tolerates him like a champ - he pulls himself to standing on her, sticks his fingers in her mouth, bites her fur and pretty much anything else you can think of.  She is a saint with our children.  For all of her quirks, Lily is everything we could have asked for around our boys.

As a throwback, here is the link to Evan's 9 month pictures.  He was a little bit more willing to get his photo taken at this age than Eric was.

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