Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas #1

Christmas is so much fun with two little ones.  And this weekend we headed up to Elmira to celebrate with Brian's side of the family.  Brian's aunts and uncles come to celebrate with us as we aren't able to be there on Christmas Eve during their usual celebration.  Here I tried to get some pics of Eric with Lily:
All three of our "kids" . . . just wish Evan could figure out this smiling thing :)
Finally a good one!  If you could see the effort this takes, it's quite comical:
Now to the good part - the presents!
This little boy loves his Hess trucks!
And Eric loves his Lightening McQueen:
Brian with his girl:
Eric sitting on his new Lightening McQueen blanket that Nana made for him
The present madness - so much fun!
Morgan trying to pick up some of the paper - what a cutie!
Eric playing on one of their presents:
 The lovely ugly sweater that Brian decided he should put on towards the end of the night, which his Aunt Shelley:
And why not eat dinner with no pants?
Later on in the night - all snuggled in to watch some tv:
And all three kids eating breakfast in the morning at the counter on their stools:
And what a scene.  I walked into the kitchen to find these two so seriously reading the newspaper.  Such cuties!
Aunt Shelley attempted some family pics on her camera which hopefully I will be able to post soon enough.  Until then, only 2 days left until Christmas!

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