Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas #3 - Weiss Family

Christmas with the Weiss family continued on Christmas Day and the day after.  Evan was so excited to get his own Woody doll from Uncle Chip & Aunt Jessie - he even wrote his name on Woody's other foot:
Eric dancing next to the Santa that plays music:
Deedee with the Felt boys:
Evan and Deedee:
Evan & I right before we started opening presents:
Present opening with Matthew:
Claire was so cute - every time she opened a new outfit she wanted to try it out, which means she spent most of present-opening naked:
Here she is looking lie a diva with her new Ariel heels on:
Evan and Matthew playing iPad together nicely:
Deedee and Claire:
It was a good Christmas and now we are home relaxing until the new year.

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