Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Third Longwood Christmas

One of our favorite new traditions is to head to Longwood Gardens at Christmas to see the holiday displays.  This is our third year running and it did not disappoint.  The boys weren't super cooperative for photos and chasing them around with a stroller and a camera while they dodged in and out of people was a bit exhausting.  So these aren't the best pictures in the world but I'm happy we actually got any.  And, as usual, Eric was a bit more cooperative than his brother in front of the camera:
Evan agreed for just one picture . . . only if we gave him money to throw in the fountain.  Pretty soon we'll be dishing out $100 bills to get us to take his picture:
The center hall display.  Floating in that water making that design were apples.  It was pretty impressive:
 Christmas tree in pink:
One of the cuter pictures of the night.  We asked Eric to smell the roses, so he opened his mouth and took a bite.  Anyone who was looking got a good laugh out of it.  He won't eat much, but roses apparently are on the list:
A beautiful display:
Earlier in the day we had attempted to take the boys to get formal Christmas pictures taken at a studio.  It went so poorly that we walked out without any pictures to even look at.  I'm hopeful that one day they will cooperate but I'm afraid it's not going to be any time soon :(

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