Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Play

First snow storm of the year was an unexpected one on Sunday.  We were supposed to get 1 inch in the evening and, by 3:00, we had 6 inches!  We decided to get the boys outside to play.  It started out pretty well - both were very happy:
 Playing together:
And Evan really pitched in with the shoveling . . . and actually really helped!  He was working hard:
Eric wanted to get in on the shoveling action too.  Notice, though, that he would not keep his mittens on . . . which became problematic later:
 All three boys shoveling:
And about 5 minutes without mittens, his fingers were bright red and in pain.  Eric and I were inside all of a few minutes later.
And another small storm hit today.  I was home with the boys all day and needed to go out and shovel.  Eric wanted nothing to do with going outside based on Sunday's experience.  So I left him inside while Evan came out to help me shovel.  Funny the things you'll let your second child do that you wouldn't dream of doing with your first.  I would NEVER have left Evan inside while I went out to shovel when he was Eric's age.  In any case, I've had enough snow for the short term.  I think we can take a little break for now!

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