Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

This year's Thanksgiving had quite a few surprises.  First, a nasty storm made its way up the east coast so we had to delay our departure by a day.  Not a big deal and there was absolutely no traffic when we did get on the road at 7:00 AM on Thanksgiving day.

The boys had a blast, as usual, hanging out at Nana & Papa's house with their cousin Morgan.  
And even agreed for a few pictures:
Here Lily had settled herself in for a nap on Eric'a shoulder.  
We also got to take Evan and Morgan to see the new Disney movie, Frozen, which was really cute.  And Brian and I got to do some Christmas shopping each night while Nana & Papa took care of the boys.

And what would a holiday weekend be without an illness?   On Friday, Eric developed a fever.  On Saturday, he had sores on his hands, mouth & toes . . . the dreaded hand-foot-mouth.  Evan had this at Christmas 2 years ago for 7 solid days.  Eric is just as miserable as his brother was - he can't really eat much of anything, he is in constant pain and keeps asking us for medicine.  Just hoping it passes faster than 7 days!  Here he is this morning when getting his diaper changed.  On top of that, his four eye teeth are coming through at once. Poor little baby.  I'll be so happy when he's feeling better!
I'm hoping this will mean we have a healthy Christmas week . . . maybe??

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