Sunday, December 7, 2014

3rd Annual Christmas in NYC Tour

This weekend marked the third annual trip to NYC to see the Christmas decorations.  After rain postponed our plans for Saturday, we were up and out very early on Sunday to head into the city and see the sights.  Nana, Deedee and Morgan joined us.  Morgan and Eric had never been to New York City before and everyone was so excited to go.  We got into NY by 8:15 AM so that we pretty much had the place to ourselves for the first hour or two.  Here we are at the Macy's:
Nana and Morgan at one of the windows:
Brian and Eric looking at the windows:
The crew:
Brian, Eric & I:
My mom and I:
Felt family at Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree:
Deedee and the family at the tree:
 Now Nana, Morgan and the Felt family at the tree:
After stops at American Girl Doll Store & FAO Schwartz, a Tony Bennett sighting and a pizza lunch, we headed over to Central Park to do some rock climbing.  The three kids had a blast:
Eric was loving it:
These two cousins are such good friends:
All three kids waving:
Too sunny for Eric's eyes to be open:
The walk back from Central Park brought us through Times Square so Morgan could see the sights there.  Everyone got to pick out a souvenir.  And by the time we got back to the car, we had one man down:
In total, we walked more than 4 miles!  The kids were very well behaved and we all had a good time  . . . and everyone will be in bed early tonight.  

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