Monday, December 15, 2014

A Christmas Miracle

The last time my children agreed to go anywhere near Santa, each of them was 6 months old.  Here was Evan before the fear took over:
And Eric looking totally content:
After this, Evan was so fearful of Santa (or anyone in costume, really) that I knew we couldn't even attempt  it . . . not unless I wanted Santa going home bruised and beaten.  And I didn't have it in my heart to force them to get what I'm sure would have been a hysterical picture of them screaming.  Evan was so truly full of fear that we didn't attempt it.  So on Sunday, when we went to the mall for dinner, we casually mentioned we might be able to visit Santa.  Eric was saying he'd be willing to stand next to Santa for a picture and I would have happily taken that.  We waited about 30 minutes in line and, right before it was our turn, Santa took a quick break and came over to the kids in line and gave them high fives.  I couldn't believe it when Evan reached his hand out and high-fived Santa!  So we got to our turn and, while they wouldn't sit there themselves, they actually agreed to take the picture if we sat there too.  So Brian and I snuggled in on Santa's lap and took quite the comical photo.  On top of that, Evan did tell Santa that he wanted a soccer ball for Christmas.  Fingers crossed that Santa brings him a soccer ball!
I have to say I've never been as excited for Christmas since I was a child as I am this year.  The kids are truly into the season and seeing their faces on Christmas morning has me giddy with excitement.  On top of that, only 4 days of work until I'm on vacation until 2015!

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