Monday, December 29, 2014

Jamestown Settlement

We decided to take a small post-Christmas trip to Williamsburg, VA just to get out of the house for a few days.  We headed first to Jamestown Settlement, which is a re-enactment of the very first visitors to America back in the early 1600's.  There were lots of interactive exhibits for the kids and it was 60 degrees, so being outside there was perfect.  Here we are in the museum, which didn't last too long because these kids had been sitting in the car for 4+ hours and walking quietly through a museum wasn't in the cards:
Testing out the slave sleeping quarters in the museum:
We moved outside to take a look around the Native American village - here they are in one of the huts:
And testing out sleeping again in the hut:
Here is Evan grinding the corn:
And Eric helping to smooth out a deer hide for future clothing use:
Now Eric's turn at grinding the corn:
Testing out a canoe on land.  They were pretend rowing, which was very cute:
I love these next two photos:
Here is an Indian game where you throw an ear of corn with a turkey feather through some hanging hoops.  Evan got a bulls-eye!
Next it was onto the the boats which were replicas of the boats which carried the English settlers to Jamestown. Testing out the sleeping quarters yet again:
Checking out what's ahead:
Another great photo:
The boys are steering the boat here:
Onto the English settlement, where Eric was trying on the armored helmet:
Evan and I:
Eric "carrying" the water:
We headed to our hotel for a swim (which we were actually able to do outdoors and then indoors) before hitting up the game room and settling in for the night.  What a nice change of pace!

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