Monday, December 29, 2014

Colonial Williamsburg

We woke up this morning to a forecast of rain all day long.  In the morning, we went to an indoor play area called Beyond Bricks.  It featured Legos and a bunch of other toys.  The highlight of the day there was when Eric jumped off of a mat and somehow injured his privates . . . upon which he walked up to me in front of the other moms and asked me if I could kiss it.  He asked repeatedly and then got very angry when I refused.  Ha ha!  After we all snuggled in for a nap in the early afternoon, we headed out to Colonial Williamsburg as the forecast was only calling for showers at this time.  The temperature was dropping steadily and the showers came and went, but we did a short tour of the area without paying the $50/person entry fee (which meant we couldn't go into most of the buildings).  The first one we saw from the outside was the Governor's Palace:

Into a shop where the boys tried on colonial hats and held wooden guns:
This picture sums up how the boys got to tour colonial Williamsburg.  Brian is in front of the Capitol while Evan's head is popping out from behind an umbrella.  This was during a period of more steady rain:
We finally got them out of the stroller for a few minutes when it lightened up to a drizzle:
We were fooling around outside of Raleigh Tavern:
There was a little stage in front of Raleigh Tavern and Evan didn't mind posing for some photos:
As you can see, the streets were pretty empty and Eric was happy to walk holding Brian's hand and jumping puddles:
We plan to take the boys back when they can appreciate the history of it more.  But, for now, this was enough of a tour.  We managed to go out to a dinner and came back to play in the game room for awhile before they took a bath in the big jacuzzi tub.  One more day left :(

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